Saw hands, that bundled roses, in dark soil


Chamber Opera from and with Hasan Yükselir based on poetry by Yunus Emre

“Whatever you are looking for, search for it in yourself!  You will not find it in Jerusalem, in Mekka or on the pilgrimage” Yunus Emre

Yunus Emre lived in Anatolia in the 13 th century.  The musical tells the life story of the medieval mystic and poet Yunus Emre. His works were meant to educate people on the Islamic Idea, a philosophy based on Humanity, tolerance and peace.

“Musicaltheater connects two Worlds”

“…The composer and vocal artist Hasan Yükselir can be seen as one of the carrying pillars of „Su Arts“. He has already become well known in the Cologne area and not only among the Turkish community interested in arts.

The first big “Su Arts“ production celebrated its premier at the beginning of October in the Cologne Südstadt.  This musical tells the story of the Anatolian mystic and poet, Yunus Emre. According to the Christian timeline, Yunus Emre lived in the medieval times. „saw hands, that bundled roses, in dark soil“ is the title of the musical. This line is out of a poem by the mystic that is probably better known to Turkish people than Germans know their Goethe. All of the texts in  the various songs in this musical,  are from poems by this poet as well.

This is not the first time that Hasan Yükselir has put his own compositions together with Turkish poetry to create a musical that tells the story of the poet. Yükselirs also created a masterpiece about the Turkish prince of poetry, Nazım Hikmet…” By Ulrike Weinert / Rundschau


Solo Artist & Komponist: Hasan Yükselir
Tenor: Andreas Winkler (Austria)
Sopranistin: Lise Tjalve (Dänemark)
Piano: Bayram Bayramoğulları (Türkei)
Dance: Gabi Dudel (Germany)
Protectorate: Rüdiger Kibilka / Major of Cologne