Love is a shirt of fire


The world premier of this project was presented in 2001 in the Passionskirche in Berlin. Afterwards it toured through various cities in Germany and Turkey.

In 2002 the internationally known Turkish poet, Nazım  Hikmet, celebrated his 100th Birthday.  2002 was named Nazım-Hikmet-Year by the UNESCO due to this anniversary. Because of this, Hasan Yükselir expresses the separation pain, desires, and the experiences Nazim Hikmet faced during his imprisonments by embedding his poems into the concerts.

Many Artists of the 20th Century had socialistic views in their lives even i fit was only for a short timeperiod. Mayakovski, Picasso, Greene, Orwell, Klob and Nazım Hikmet are a few of these artists.

All of these writters, artists, poets, and performers left valuble cultural treasures behind.  Especially Nazım Hikmet, one oft he few world acknowledged poets, is celebrated as a national hero in Turkey.  His legacy of literature is still read today by many.

Although he did not murder anyone, or was involved in a crime of any sort, he was imprisoned for 17 years of his life in various prisons throughout Turkey.  During his imprisonment as well as in the time after, he occupied himself with socialistic topics.

“People like Nazım will never be ‚strangers‘ to us, no matter where they are. Their hearts are international passports”.

In thoughts of these people, their beliefs, language and independent doings…

“To live, free and single like a tree

but in brotherhood like a forest...”



Solo Artist & Composer:
 Hasan Yükselir
 Hiroko Nakano
Alto Sax
: Turgay  Ayaydınlı
 Barbara Sadowski
 Daniel Dumontaigu
Minas Simon Suluyan & Mehmet Sayar
 Beate Ogomazova


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