Anatolian Folk Songs Performed by Symphony Orchestra

 „Songs are dreams made of sounds.  Where there is no music, silence and distance grows, humans become strangers amongst one another…

When people start changing, start to overcome themselves and start to listen to one another again… then this is only because they have started to understand and to listen to one another…

Music is a way of approaching one another – wonderful and practical.”

Anatolia is a unique example of a wide range of different cultures living peacefully with one another over a large time period.

“Traditional folk songs are used to communicate current topics and ideas along with the needs of the people. These folk songs are multi-functional; they can be seen as poetry, entertainment, news and as a code of ethics and law…” (Ruhi Su – song text 1975 -79)

There are no existing Anatolian folk songs that do not include at least one social, political and/or economic message.  Songs of heroes, of gangsters and of franctireurs;  dirges, dancing songs, love songs, satirical songs, verses, ritual dance songs, and natural lyrics all make up the plethora of  Anatolian folk music.  They are documents made of music, speech and soul that tell us stories of a society’s social and mental state of mind.  They are expressions of perception and of desires.  Many of the modern as well as past lyricists have been inspired and influenced by these perceptions and desires which have become the sources of their own works.

With this show we want to give you a tour through the variegated world of Anatolian folk music.  These treasures have been combined with classical and western musical forms and techniques to present you with an amazing experience.

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