Songs without Frontiers

 „Songs without Frontiers“ is an artistic project, that  tries to convey  the existence and understanding of the different  European and Oriental cultures within music closer to the people in Germany, Europe and Turkey by concerts.   We want to show how the individual national music styles are related to one another and at the same time want to emphasize the variety and beauty of each individual style and country.

With the vast variety of our concerts we want to reach out to, and inspire the people in Europe and beyond.  We want to bring our ideas closer to the people by hosting concert tours and producing TV-productions.

This project is to give established and young artists from all over, the chance to perform together in the future.  The interest in foreign cultures is continuously growing as can be seen in the growing numbers of people going to the concerts and the enthusiasm shown by those who attended the concerts in the past.  For this reason, it is the utmost goal to realize as many events as possible in the coming years, so that even more people can be reached and connected to one another.

lieder_ohne_grenzen2Premier in 2010: 

Songs without Frontiers – An encounter between Orient und Occident


Ensemble Vinorosso
Bassbaritone: Hasan Yükselir
Mezzo-soprano: Ardiana Bytyqi
Piano: Beate Ramisch
Moderation: Jens Heuwinkel
Conductor: Florian Stubenvoll
Conductor: Fabio Vettraino

The second concert in 2011: Songs without Frontiers – Come together

lieder_ohne_grenzenCast: Ulrike Wahren & Peter Stolle with: Accordeon: Harald Kießlich

Cello: Birte Schultz
Double Bass: Matthias Petereit
Hasan Yükselir & Beate Ramisch with:
Violin: Barbara Sadowski/Clarinet: Friedemann Matzeit /Double Bass: Martin Lillich,
Volkwin Müller with: E-Guitars: Mickey Meinert /Percussion: Mike Turnbull

The third Concert in the line-up Songs without Frontiers took place on  06 October 2012 with the titlel Songs without Frontiers – ”Mediterranean Blues”.

liederOhneGrenzen3Rembetiko & Zeybekler

Hasan Yükselir & Beate Ramisch with:
Abdurrahman Tarikçi (Bass-Guitars)
Mustafa Göçer (Percussion)
Vural Güler (Bağlama)
Sakis Karatzovalis (Bouzouki)

The Songs without Frontiers concerts are organized by the non-profit Association „SU ARTS e.V.“ to convey the intercultural dialog between cultures.

To view concert video: LIEDER OHNE GRENZEN – Come together


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