Cantata "from Yunus to Nazım"


Cantata for Solo Artists, Choir und Symphony orchestra by Hasan Yükselir & Fırat Yükselir

“Yunus’tan Nazım’a” is a libretto that is in part made up of poems by anatolian poets and mystics such as Yunus Emre, Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi, Hacı Bektaşi Veli, Hallacı Mansur and in part by the epic Bedrettin Destanı”.

The libretto, that thematically deals with the sufism, was performed by seven Solo Artists and by the Eskişehir Symphonyorchestra.  The seven solo artists were made up of one Bass, two tenors, one Bariton, two Mezzo Sopran und one Soprano, all of them are members of the “Istanbul Avrupa Korosu” (European Choir Istanbul). The first performances took place on May 21st and 22nd, 2010.

Since Radio and Television Shows spread over all of Turkey, the ‘foreign music’ as it is called, is the preferred music played.  The newer European and American music finds more and more acceptance throughout all of Turkey, in small villages as well as. Due to this, the traditional Turkish and Anatolian folk music losses more and more importance. The younger generations only get limited access to this valuable music.

One could not even find Anatolian music in the curriculum of the music academies.  Due to this, the country losses its own musical identity.  Western music, especially American music and along with that the American way of living is self-imposed on the Anatolian culture.

The “Yunus’tan Nazım’a” cantata is an opposition to the above known facts. We would like to do our part in preserving the musical culture of Turkey and their poets with this masterpiece.

Along with this aim our goal is combine the pieces of wisdom and philosophy of the way the world is viewed by our poets with the arts of music.  This way we can do our part in bringing our Turkish culture to an international platform. Another aim of this project is to develop the culture within the city and increase the life quality within the cities.

“Yunus Nazım” cantata is an example of the musical values, representing our cultural collective.  It demonstrates a different color of sound and a new experience for other nations.

In selling Audio and video CD’s, the cantata has also contributed to the economic cycle and toward the development of the cultural tourism…

Still today one can find living proof of the anatolian Sufism of Mevlana or  Hacı Bektaşi Veli.  Anatolia is Yunus Emre, Mevlana, Pir Sultan, Köroğlu… This Masterpiece will help contribute to the conservation of our cultural identity and our musical commodities… Hasan Yükselir


337974_116583711785054_116526145124144_110528_232213564_o-198x300Composition: Hasan Yükselir & Fırat Yükselir
Conductor: Fırat Yükselir
Choir Conductor: Sergei Gavrilov
Bass: Hasan Yükselir
Soprano: Dijle Yükselir
Soprano: G. Ezgi Yıldırım
Tenor: Serkan Taylan & Furkan Aktakka
Mezzo Sopran: A. Suphiye Günaltay
Bariton: Nejad Beğde
Bariton: Cihan Özmen

To see the concert video: Cantata „from Yunus to Nazım“ 


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