Medieval Mystic in Orient und Occident

Concert line-up with:
Vocal Ensemble „canta filia“ (Directed by Barbara Grohmann-Kraaz)
Hasan Yükselir & Ensemble
Project Concept: Beate Ramisch

“İnsanlar bilmedikleri şeylerden korkarlar.” (People are afraid of the things they do not understand.) Hazreti Ali

The above line by Hazreti Ali describes the general problem of today’s multicultural community.  We live door to door with many different nations, world views, and a variety of religions, but we do not live in sync with them. For natives and immigrants, the barriers are similar such as language barriers that prevent a flow of communication to get to know one another better and help understand one another.  Compared to the spoken language, music has no barriers.  For those that have an open heart and hear a melody it is easy to understand the message the musician is trying to bring across and opens a door to the world the musician comes from.

The development of the occidental multiple voice music started as a contrast to the traditional oriental Music that still today is one vocal accompanied by instrumentals.  The “Medieval Mystic” delivers us a theme in which we can use Mystic to bring together the cultural and religious differences of our times or an important political and social concern and form them into a musical highlight that can be understood.  The Ensemble Canta Filia was able to gain the Turkish vocalist and composer Hasan Yükselir for this project. Hasan Yükselir, has been working as cultural ambassador on large stages across European metropolitan cities for years for his country.

For this reason we have premiers of Hasan Yükselirs works on our program agenda, in which he brings both ensembles together into one. In this way, we want to encourage peace, understanding and forgiveness amongst people and religions. For this purpose, follow-up concerts in Germany, Europe and Turkey are presented. 

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